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Let’s make your online business profitable, sustainable, and something you absolutely love!
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No one ever said running a business would be easy but running a successful and sustainable online business doesn’t have to be stressful, complex, or time-consuming.

Forget trying to copy what everyone else is doing and let’s focus on developing processes that work for you.

Let’s break it down. 


Running a successful business boils down to:

  • Crafting an irresistible offer that your people actually want
  • Mastering your sales & marketing to attract clients and get them to actually invest
  • Delivering what you promised

Believe it or not, everything else is either an added benefit or a distraction.

The beauty about all these things is they can be learned and once you’ve mastered them you can literally rinse and repeat to easily be fully booked out.

In Business Confidence & Clarity we’ll be covering all that and more to get you on your way to running the business you’ve been dreaming of.



Not worrying about how you'll find your next client

Selling your services with confidence and ease

Clients coming to you

Running your absolute dream business

Spending less time working and making more money focusing on your zone of genius

All of this is entirely within your grasp if you’re ready to take action to make it happen!

When I was looking to start this business, there was so much advice around about what I should be doing or what I absolutely needed to do in order to be successful. The thing that all these strategies had in common? They involved hustle hustle and more hustle and I believed it.

  • I downloaded ALL the freebies
  • Joined all the free Facebook groups
  • Listened to all the gurus I could find

All to piece together a strategy for how I should build and market my business. You know where that got me? Confused, frustrated, feeling all the mom guilt and burnt out.

I had just given birth to my first daughter and was still less than 2 years into marriage. That hustle life just wasn’t for me. 

The thing that helped was investing in ONE person, one expert, that had the expertise to guide me to where I needed to be. I already had the business experience and the marketing knowledge, I just needed guidance and to find my secret sauce to create a successful online business!

“As a mom, wife, a woman there are just some things we shouldn’t have to compromise on to build a successful business.”

The Business Confidence & Clarity group program is for you if:

You’re done trying to copy and paste complex, time-consuming business and marketing strategies that aren’t working.

You are passionate about your business and the potential you have to make an impact

You know your perfect clients are out there and waiting for you

You know hustling and working nonstop isn’t the way you want to build your business or live your life

You're looking to revamp your current business to work for you

You’re absolutely ready to show up and put in the work to build the successful business and life you know you deserve

You know that getting help is the next step to building your wildly successful business and are ready to make it happen

Now that you’ve said yes to most of the things on this list… it’s time to take action to make them happen and this program is how we’ll do just that!

Hey, I’m Chauntae


With over 7 years of experience in digital marketing (with a focus on social media), a few certifications, and several large and same company projects under my belt, it’s safe to say digital marketing and online business management is my jam.

– Anjell Bryan

Working with Chauntae Hamilton the ‘Digital Content Queen’ was an amazing experience. I came to her with ZERO business experience, ZERO business plans. I had been doing something for a couple of months and knew that I could earn from it so I approached her and learned so much from my time with her. From the get-go, her approach in coaching was never one size fits all, she dealt with all individual queries. She created the kind of environment in her Facebook group where each person was encouraged to open up and also to help each other. Never did she give the impression that she knew everything and was the only one with something of value to offer, in fact she brought in several leading entrepreneurs and coaches to lead workshops with us. She took no excuses bit still took the time to listen to what was going on in everyone’s personal loves rejoiced as people rejoiced and mourned as people mourned. She expected us to be real and give our all and that was definitely her approach to us.

– Danelle Pinnock

“I have broken through molds I didn’t think I would break. Literally exploring places I deemed as untouchable. That confidence I gained moved me into a more successful businesswoman.

– Deja Lewis

“Working with Chauntae was absolutely amazing! When I first started working with her I wasn’t clear on what I wanted to do or how I was going to stand out in business. After a 1:1 session she was able to help me identify who I was as an entrepreneur and help me to discover my Zone of Genius! She pushed me and helped me to get my first clients and once our session was over I went on to make $25K with in 6 months! Chauntae is an amazing coach and knows all the tools you need to be a successful online entrepreneur! From creating content to establish an online presence she’s the way to go!”

– Meshia Wade

Here’s what we’ll cover in our together

Month 1: Biz Foundations

We’re exploring from the ground up to make sure all the bases are covered. The biggest indications of business success is your mindset. Over the initial 4 weeks, we’ll cover everything from mindset, cementing your niche and finding your people, your offers and pricing and everything in between to get you on the right track.

  • Building a Winning Mindset

  • Getting into YOUR zone & Finding your people!

  • Give them what they want! Service & Proof

Month 2: Marketing for Business success

How you market your business is by far one of the most important elements in attracting the right eyes and positioning yourself as the obvious choice for your people. Throughout month 2 I’ll show you how to craft and execute the perfect strategy for your business and coach you through the things you need to be confident doing it.

  • Building & Owning Your Social Presence (Content/ Marketing Strategy & Branding)

  • Show up & show out – Video Marketing

  • Engagement Strategies – Attracting & Engaging Clients on Social Media

Month 3: Building & Sustainability

In our final month together we’ll focus on keeping your business moving forward. I’ll be teaching you what you need to know to keep signing clients, come up with systems and processes to create efficiency & sustainability and how to do things in a way that will preserve your own time and energy.

  • Sell Your Heart Out! – Online Sales Strategy that Pays

  • Tools & Processes for Sustainability

  • Boundaries + Time Management for Business Success

Sounding good so far?

So here’s what’s included:

60 min group trainings + QnAs

Pure coaching group sessions

Monthly challenges for quick results

Weekly assignments

Signature course access

Video Recording of all our sessions

Document revisions & guidance

Access to a community of women on the same journey

Early Bird

Bonus 1-on-1 strategy session

2 weeks of private Voxer messenger access

Payment Options

One time payment


3 Monthly Payments


6 Monthly Payments


Let me help you to get the results you’ve been looking for in a community surrounded by other women on the same journey and ready to cheer you on!

Frequent Asked Questions

When does this program start?

We kick things off in May 2021! The exact date will be decided and announced in April 2021

How long does this program last?

This program lasts for 3 months (12 weeks) and will run from May to July 2021

What if I’m new in business?

The program is perfect for you. It will give you everything you need to start your business off on the right track from day one and grow in a way that’s suited to you. 

Can this work for seasoned business owners too?

Yup! Once you’re looking to revamp your business or business processes to start making money consistently on your terms and any of the info above speaks you, hop in!

How do I secure my spot?

Once we’ve determined that this is a good fit you’ll be sent an invoice and a contract. Once a payment is made and contracted signed, you’re in! You’ll receive all your onboarding info and welcome goodies.

If you’re ready to get clarity and confidence in your business so you can start signing clients and building the life you truly deserve, I’m ready to help get you there.