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Showing up for your brand online can be intimidating, overwhelming, confusing, [insert all the other things you're probably feeling here], especially as a personal brand. On the flip side it can also feel natural, be exciting, fulfilling and make you tons of money without having to do the most. Can someone say Amen? 

If you're willing to actually believe it's possible for you, even while juggling a household, wrangling a kid (or a few), living a life outside of the hustle then you're in the right place.

By building your confidence, getting clear on what the best approach is to get you to your goal and the support you need as you navigate this online space... you have a recipe for success ready to happen! 

We work together to  help you to:
  • Build a loyal online audience
  • Create irresistible marketing strategy
  • Enjoy showing up and selling online
  • Make money and an impact
  • Build confidence in yourself &  your business

Praise and Testimonials

Working with Chauntae was absolutely amazing! When I first started working with her I wasn’t clear on what I wanted to do or how I was going to stand out in business. After a 1:1 session she was able to help me identify who I was as an entrepreneur and help me to discover my Zone of Genius! She pushed me and helped me to get my first clients and once our session was over I went on to make $25K with in 6 months!...


Meisha Wade Digital Content Creator

Working with Chauntae Hamilton the ‘Digital Content Queen’ was an amazing experience. I came to her with ZERO business experience, ZERO business plans. I had been doing something for a couple of months and knew that I could earn from it so I approached her and learned so much from my time with her. From the get-go, her approach in coaching was never one size fits all ...


Danelle Pinnock Writer

“I have broken through molds I didn’t think I would break. Literally exploring places I deemed as untouchable. That confidence I gained moved me into a more successful businesswoman.

Deja Lewis Management Coach

Meet Your Coach

Chauntae Hamilton Portraits

With over 7 years on experience in the online marketing space, Chauntae is the Chief Digital Content & Marketing Strategist and Digital Content Queen. Through her business she has been able to help business owners to gain clarity on their business and build the confidence needed to show up in the online space authentically to attract clients by mixing strategy with  intuition.

Chauntae is a wife, girl mom of two and a passionate advocate for empowerment through faith and work.

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