December 10, 2021 12:15 pm

Chauntae Hamilton

With over 1 billion global active users, Instagram continues to grow as one of the leading social media platforms. As of the end of 2022, it is estimated that the number of active global users will rise to 1.8 billion. With more and more users flocking to the photo-sharing app, the possibility of finding, marketing and selling to your ideal customers have increased tremendously.

Knowing the latest Instagram trends is a great way to make the most out of your business’ IG presence and give your potential customers what they want for 2022.

Luckily, I’ve done the research and all the other hard stuff to help you and your small service business stay ahead of the Instagram trend curve. Here are my picks for the top 4 trends that will increase in popularity for 2022.

E-commerce and Shopping Push

Since 2020 and the global impact of COVID-19, online shopping has been at a record high. Instagram has taken advantage of this by expanding its Instagram Shopping experience to allow small businesses like yourselves to easily display and sell your products and services. We’ve seen the implementation of “shoppable posts” allowing customers to click on your offerings to see prices, descriptions etc and for 2022 we predict that developers will create an even bigger push for e-commerce on the platform.

What’s in it for you? Easier conversions! Instagram has created a one-stop-shop for your business, you can move your customer through your sales funnel on one platform with no external links. Your audience buyer’s journey can now start on Instagram where they will research your brand or services and it will also end on Instagram where they can make their final purchasing decisions. That’s a big win that you should be working to capitalize on.

Look out for IG creating more ease for your customers to shop with you with features such as Drops (where you can create a buzz with a designated spot for new products and services) and also Live Shopping (where you can pin your product/service while doing a live stream to allow customers to easily view your a service review and then click the link to shop)

Reshaping the Instagram Influencer market

Yes, influencer marketing has been really popular and getting a lot of traction on IG. So what’s different now? This $13.8 billion industry is set to continue to grow even bigger and wider, expanding into nano influencer territory. Typically, the larger the following the greater the influencer status, for 2022 we predict this trend be reshaped to include influencers with a smaller follower count of anywhere between 1,000-10,000.  Nano influencers have the unique ability to create more organic (less salesy) pitches for your brand. 

So.. let’s get ready to partner wisely with creators that have already curated a niched following and a deep connection of trust and loyalty with their audiences and that also align with your service and products. For 2022, nano influencer deals should be a big part of your strategy. Here’s a pro tip! Find ways to combine nano influencers with easy shoppable posts! 

Long-form content back in focus?

I know you’re thinking HOW? We’ve seen the rise and domination of TikTok short-form videos, and IG quick replication of these, so HOW? 

Well, I’ve been watching this development and I’ve noticed that both TikTok and Instagram have allowed for more time for their “short” videos, from 30 seconds to now 3 minutes. Instagram has also adjusted its algorithm to accommodate this, have you noticed that while scrolling through your timeline IGTV has now extended the 15 second preview time? Instead, you can now watch up to 1 minute of an IGTV video. 

Yes, short-form content will still play its role; but don’t sleep on long-form content! Get ready to have a uniform mix of both long and short-form videos – maybe entertaining short-form vids and more educational/informative content be assigned to long-form content. Find what works best for your audience.

Less is ALWAYS more..

As customer’s become more aware of sales tactics and also weary of over-the-top, bells and whistles “salesy” pitches, there has been a great demand for authentic content with LESS frill and more realistic experiences. 

Smaller brands don’t need to be everywhere to or to go over the top with budgeting getting polished, extravagant content. Your audience wants to see the real, authentic you. This ties in with your nano influencer strategy as well. The more authentic and well-received the influencer is, the better for your brand. Similarly, with your long-form content, get ready to provide informative and educational content with real value.

So, are you ready for 2022? These four tips will surely give you a competitive edge.


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About the Author Chauntae Hamilton

Chauntae is a millennial, girl mom and the Digital Content Queen on a mission to make digital less complicated and more profitable for online business owners worldwide.

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