About Chauntae

Chauntae has a passion for digital that spans industries and time zones. Having contributed to the management and conceptualizing digital campaigns for industry giants like Diageo, Red Stripe and others, she is well verse at navigating the online space and helping her clients to feel comfortable embracing and properly utilizing various digital platforms for business. Her ability to spin, "nothing into something" has translated into consistent tangible sales for herself and clients both locally and internationally.

It's not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!

Brian Halligan, CEO & Co-Founder, HubSpot

Why work with DCQ?

Passion & purpose 

Marketing online is so much more than hopping on Canva then throwing a graphic together and hitting post or lip syncing the latest TikTok or Reels.   But it's also not just about keeping up with the next big trend to get noticed. It's about working smarter, not harder.

Digital Marketing expertise

Just like you wouldn't necessarily get your teeth fixed by your mechanic (yikes), why bootstrap the parts of your business that can easily make you most profitable. Having access to someone who gets it and is actually passionate about the online space it makes the process so much easier and much more fun!

Digital + Simplicity = GOAL

When it comes to marketing in a way that gets results while still feeling attainable, it has a lot to do with keeping things simple. Your simple, effective plan can easily run circles around any overly complex "funnel".

I went on to make $25K within 6 months

meisha wade - content creator

Working with Chauntae was absolutely amazing! When I first started working with her I wasn’t clear on what I wanted to do or how I was going to stand out in business. After a 1:1 session she was able to help me identify who I was as an entrepreneur and help me to discover my Zone of Genius! She pushed me and helped me to get my first clients and once our session was over I went on to make $25K within 6 months! Chauntae is an amazing coach and knows all the tools you need to be a successful online entrepreneur! From creating content to establish an online presence she’s the way to go!

what We Do

30-DAY digital marketing CONSULTATIONS

Over 30-Days we work together to tackle the areas you need the most support with when it comes to marketing and selling online for your business. From understanding the why and how behind your targets to planning your winning content & marketing strategy and all the things in between.


This is a long term coaching container where we deep dive into your business to built lasting results. We cover marketing, online sales, mindset, objectives and processes to create a fully integrated approach to tackling your business marketing for long term success.

We work together for 3+ months to not only plan but execute and work through the areas that you need most support.

courses & digital products

Work at your own pace with courses and products designed to teach you how to handle different aspects of your online business and marketing for success.


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From the get-go, her approach in coaching was never one size fits all, she dealt with all individual queries

danelle pinnock - Writer

Working with Chauntae Hamilton the 'Digital Content Queen' was an amazing experience. I came to her with ZERO business experience, ZERO business plans. I had been doing something for a couple of months and knew that I could earn from it so I approached her and learned so much from my time with her. From the get-go, her approach in coaching was never one size fits all, she dealt with all individual queries. She created the kind of environment in her Facebook group where each person was encouraged to open up and also to help each other. Never did she give the impression that she knew everything and was the only one with something of value to offer, in fact, she brought in several leading entrepreneurs and coaches to lead workshops with us. She took no excuses but still took the time to listen to what was going on in everyone's personal loves rejoiced as people rejoiced and mourned as people mourned. She expected us to be real and give our all and that was definitely her approach to us.

I help you to attract clients through digital marketing without the drama.

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